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  1. Gardara says:
    This is known as "rouleaux formation" and it happens with increased serum proteins, particularly fibrinogen and globulins. Such long chains of RBC's sediment more readily. This is the mechanism for the sedimentation rate, which increases non-specifically with inflammation and .
  2. Tojarisar says:
    Rouleaux definition: a roll of paper containing coins | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  3. Kihn says:
    Rouleaux formation is a non-specific finding in mammalian blood which suggests inflammation or some disease process. It has been observed and documented in all mammals. On this page is an example of Rouleaux formation which occurred after the test subject was given water that had been microwaved.
  4. Gardacage says:
    rou·leau (ro͞o-lō′) n. pl. rou·leaux or rou·leaus (-lōz′) A small roll, especially of coins wrapped in paper. [French, from Old French rolel, diminutive of role, roll, from Latin rotula, diminutive of rota, wheel; see rota.] rouleau (ˈruːləʊ) n, pl -leaux (-ləʊ; -ləʊz) or -leaus 1. a .
  5. Taull says:
    Rouleaux is a normal finding in the “thick” part of a blood film, but if present in the normal viewing area of the blood film it should be regarded as significant (although not necessarily pathological).
  6. Zurr says:
    Rouleaux may be seen as an artifact in the thicker portions of blood smears. The addition of a drop of saline to the blood smear will serve to disperse any artifactual rouleaux formation. The presence of rouleaux formation or RBC agglutination may result in a falsely decreased electronic red blood count and falsely increased MCV, as these.
  7. Jubar says:
    rouleau [ roo-lo´] (Fr.) an abnormal group of red blood cells adhering together like a pile of coins. Human red blood cells arranged in rouleaux.
  8. Tam says:
    Rouleau definition is - a little roll; especially: a roll of coins put up in paper.

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